Words that start with 'o' and contain 'sur'

The dictionary has 25 words you're able to use for this search.

8 letter words

  • opposure
  • outusure
  • oversure

9 letter words

  • oversured
  • oversurge

10 letter words

  • outmeasure
  • overinsure
  • oversurely
  • oversurety
  • oversuring

11 letter words

  • outmeasured
  • overassured
  • overinsured
  • overinsures
  • overmeasure

12 letter words

  • outmeasuring
  • overexposure
  • overinsuring
  • overleisured
  • overpressure
  • oversureness

13 letter words

  • overassuredly
  • overinsurance
  • oversurviving

15 letter words

  • overassuredness

What is the biggest word you can derive from the combination specified?
The word 'overassuredness' is made up of 15 characters.

How many acceptable words are possible to make from this combination of letters?
25 words.

What word from this page is the most unusual?
You'll notice a handful of peculiar words in this list, although our favorite word happens to be 'overpressure'. 'Overpressure''s definition is "Excessive pressure or urging. London Athenæum.", according to the dictionary.

What is the highest score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words starting with 'o' that contain 'sur'?
You could make 'opposure' which gets 12 points in Scrabble.