Words that start with 'g' and contain 'thi'

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6 letter words

  • gathic
  • gothic
  • gthite

7 letter words

  • gnathic
  • gothics
  • gothish
  • gothism
  • gothite
  • granthi

8 letter words

  • genthite
  • girthing
  • gnathion
  • gnathism
  • gnathite
  • goethian
  • goethite
  • gothites
  • grothine
  • grothite

9 letter words

  • gnathions
  • gnathites
  • gnathitis
  • goethites
  • gothicism
  • gothicist
  • gothicity
  • gothicize

10 letter words

  • geoteuthis
  • gnathidium
  • goliathize
  • gothically
  • gothicizer
  • gothicness
  • groupthink

11 letter words

  • gederathite
  • glutathione
  • granolithic
  • griffithite
  • growthiness
  • gunsmithing

12 letter words

  • galbraithian
  • gastropathic
  • gynecopathic
  • glutethimide
  • goldsmithing
  • guanethidine

13 letter words

  • graptolithida
  • graptolithina

14 letter words

  • galacthidrosis
  • gastornithidae
  • gastrophthisis

Is there a word from this page of word that starts with 'g' and includes 'thi' that could be thought of as unusual?
'Gothic' definitely ranks as the most unusual word in our list of words that start with 'g' and include 'thi'. The definition of 'gothic' is as follows: "1. Pertaining to the Goths; as, gothic customs; also, rude; barbarous. 2. (Arch.) Of or pertaining to a style of architecture with pointed arches, steep roofs, windows large in proportion to the wall spaces, and, generally, great height in proportion to the other dimensions -- prevalent in Western Europe...".

What is the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble from this list of words that start with 'g' and contain 'thi'?
One can make 'gnathism' for a score of 14 points.

How many actual words could one put together using the combination specified?
From this list of words that start with 'g' and include 'thi', you have 51 combinations which can be selected.

Which word that starts with 'g' and includes 'thi' is the most common word?
A well-known word for the combination you requested is 'gothic'.

Which word from this list has the largest letter count?
The longest word is 14 letters, which is 'galacthidrosis'.