Words ending in 'awl'

Your specific request has resulted in 33 suitable words.

3 letter words

  • awl

4 letter words

  • bawl
  • cawl
  • yawl
  • pawl
  • wawl

5 letter words

  • brawl
  • chawl
  • crawl
  • drawl
  • scawl
  • shawl
  • spawl
  • trawl
  • wrawl

6 letter words

  • acrawl
  • rebawl
  • scrawl
  • sprawl
  • squawl

7 letter words

  • asprawl
  • becrawl
  • bespawl
  • bradawl
  • enshawl
  • outbawl
  • unshawl
  • upcrawl

8 letter words

  • bescrawl
  • outcrawl

10 letter words

  • caterbrawl
  • overscrawl
  • undercrawl

Is there a word from this page which could be deemed as unique in any manner?
The most unusual word based on a recently conducted poll is 'drawl'. The definition of 'drawl' is as follows: "To utter in a slow, lengthened tone. To speak with slow and lingering utterance, from laziness, lack of spirit, affectation, etc. Theologians and moralists . . . Talk mostly in a drawling and dreaming way about it. Landor. A lengthened, slow monotonous utterance.". Source Cambridge Dictionary.

How many words can you make with this list?
On this list of words which end with 'awl', Dictionarypedia has discovered 33 combinations which can be selected.

What's the longest word you can make using this list?
'Caterbrawl' is the longest word that the Dictionarypedia database could construct. It consists of 10 characters.

In Scrabble, what's the most points possible from words which end with 'awl'?
From this particular combination, it is possible to play 'squawl' which scores 18 points.

What is the most common word on this page?
A well-known word for the combination you searched is 'shawl'.