Words that contain 'v' and end in 'log'

Our system has only found 3 terms.

8 letter words that have 'v' in and end with 'log'

  • overclog
  • overflog
  • travelog

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible using words that contain 'v' and end in 'log'?
Your only feasible option is is overflog scoring 15 points. A

How many words are possible to make using this list?
On this page of containing 'v' and ending with 'log', Dictionarypedia has discovered 3 unique combinations which are possible overall.

Using that have 'v' in and end with 'log', what is the longest word one could derive?
overclog contains 8 characters, and is the biggest word possible to make from the specified combination.