Words that contain 'b' and end in 'oc'

We have detected 12 entries.

3 letter words

  • boc

4 letter words

  • bloc

5 letter words

  • baioc

6 letter words

  • bondoc
  • bundoc
  • domboc
  • enbloc
  • rehboc

7 letter words

  • rheeboc

8 letter words

  • monobloc
  • steenboc

9 letter words

  • kleeneboc

What is the most popular word for this page?
There's 'bloc' which ranks as the 53230th most popular word.

How many acceptable words are possible to put together using the combination you've searched for?
On this page of words containing 'b' and ending with 'oc', Dictionarypedia has discovered 12 unique combinations which are possible.

In Scrabble, what's the highest score possible from this list of words that have 'b' in and end with 'oc'?
We advise using 'monobloc' for a score of score of 14 points.

Which word that has 'b' in and ends with 'oc' is the most interesting?
By far the most peculiar word in this list is 'rheeboc'. The popular definition of 'rheeboc' is as follows: "The peele. [Written also reebok.]".

What's the biggest word you can assemble from words that have 'b' in and end with 'oc'?
'Kleeneboc', which consists of 9 letters.