Words beginning with 'ih'

Your particular request has resulted in 7 eligible words.

3 letter words

  • ihi
  • ihp
  • ihs

5 letter words

  • ihlat
  • ihram

6 letter words

  • ihrams

7 letter words

  • ihleite

How many letters are in the largest word on this list?
'ihleite' (7 letters)

What's a peculiar word on this page?
'Ihram' certainly ranks as the most interesting word from our list of words that start with 'ih'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'ihram' is defined as "The peculiar dress worn by pilgrims to Mecca.".

What's the highest number of points you can get in Scrabble from this list of words beginning with 'ih'?
For a total of 11 points in Scrabble, one can use 'ihrams'.

How many viable words could one make using this combination of letters?
On this page of words which start with 'ih', you have 7 outstanding combinations that are available.