Words with 'hor' at the start and 'm' at the end

Our team have discovered 14 suitable entries.

5 letter words

  • horim

7 letter words

  • hordeum
  • hormism
  • horreum

8 letter words

  • hornbeam
  • hornworm
  • horsedom
  • horsyism

9 letter words

  • hordeolum
  • hortorium

10 letter words

  • hordeiform
  • horologium

11 letter words

  • hormogonium

13 letter words

  • horizontalism

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible using words that start with 'hor' and end with 'm'?
You could make 'hornworm' scoring 16 in Scrabble.

What's an unusual word from this page?
One of the most unusual words from this page is 'hordeolum'. According to the English dictionary, 'hordeolum' is defined as "A small tumor upon the eyelid, resembling a grain of barley; a sty.".

How many letters does the longest word on this list consist of?

How many words can you make using these particular combinations of letters?
One could derive 14 words using this list.